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20,000+ Fresh Perimeter &
Perishable Products

Sought after and curated, our line of meats, cheeses, breads, pastries and more are just what your customers are looking for. From school lunches to dinner parties, we have something for every shopper’s need.

At Tony’s we have a passion for cheese. We have over 2,000 SKUs from
made-in-America craft cheeses to the finest imports. Our cheese experts have
access to the world’s best manufacturers and travel around the globe to make
their products available to you.

Fresh Expertise

Our fresh expertise helps you provide the high-end shopping experience your customers want. From certified cheese experts to professional butchers and trained pastry chefs, our people know how to select the right products for your business. Fresh moves fast. To stay relevant it takes expertise and solutions from source to store plus a deep selection of high-quality products.



In-Store Deli/Prepared Foods

Swiss Cheese


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Meat & Seafood

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Non food items such as cups and containers


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Food Service

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