NorCal Produce Inc.

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Beyond the Basics

Offering the highest quality produce from root vegetables, apples, pears, berries and citrus, to melons, exotics, flowers and plants.

Highest Standards
in the Business

45+ years of higher-than-USDA quality standards

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Service Like No Other.

Live customer support.
Frequent deliveries.
Floral merchandising assistance.

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Debbie Cederlof Testimonial
…every day brings new experiences.
Debbie Cederlof, Floral Manager, Nor-Cal Produce
Steve Higdon Testimonial
Nor-cal's founder always said, 'Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.'
Steve Higdon, Sales Manager, Nor-Cal Produce
TJ Crouch Testimonial
When you’re constantly at the mercy of Mother Nature, it tends to keep people humble.
TJ Crouch, Sales Director, UNFI Produce - PNW