40+ Years of Chill

We’ve offered chill products like dairy,
beverages, dips and eggs as part of our
Fresh selection since day one.

Curated for You

From Kombucha to fresh-pressed juice and organic glass-bottle milk – UNFI can fully stock your chill selection.

Bottled Juice
Close up of milk bottle
UNFI worker scanning product
UNFI Truck

From Coast to Coast

We deliver chill throughout the U.S. and Canada from all of our distribution centers – fast and fresh.

Desert road
Person writing
From order writing to shrink management and pack out, UNFI Field Merchandisers maximize the potential of your stock.
Scanning product with iUNFI device
We offer Category Management expertise, void analysis, merchandising options and iUNFI ordering with Set Scan.
Man buying product
We’ll help you identify top-sellers and trending items to maximize perimeter sales.